The Afflicted

You never know what's happening next door.

In a small American town everyone wants to think they know their neighbors. Everything seems normal in Taylorsville, SC... Almost. Behind one family's door lies true-life horror. Maggie Stoddard (Leslie Easterbrook) is the mother of three daughters and a son. Her husband Hank (Kane Hodder) gets the family by with a small contracting business. The family seemed very happy until Maggie starts to get heavily involved with a television evangelist known as the Cowboy Prophet. Between a TV show and personal visits she becomes obsessed with his God-fearing ways. Hank soon realizes this marriage isn't going to work and tries leaving the house one night but is caught dead in his tracks, literally. Mom disposes of her first victim and soon what's left of her family begins to see a side of Mom that they had never seen before. Mom's rants turn to violence and soon death to all who stand in her way. Maggie tortures her two oldest daughters with beatings, prostitution and force-feeding, leaving the youngest to witness and help with her crimes. The family endures horrifying scare tactics all in the name of God. Too scared to run, who will be left to tell the story? Inspired by true events, the terrifying tale has its twist and turns through an emotional ride in this one house in small town America. The story told truly sticks to its name, The Afflicted.

Run Time: 83 Minutes

Year Released: 2012

Genre: Action/Suspense » Psychological Thriller

Director(s): Jason Stoddard

Writer(s): Jason Stoddard

Executive Producer(s): David Hilburn

Producer(s): Leslie Easterbrook, Lee Dashiell

Main Cast: Leslie Easterbrook, Kane Hodder, JD Hart

Other/Supporting Cast: Michele Grey, Katie Holland, Daniel Jones, Cody Allen