A Blood Story

The fountain of youth comes at a disturbing price.

Madison Sheffield is a former high fashion model whose career ended when she was horrifically disfigured by her ex-husband. Madison turns to a quieter life as a novelist, relishing the ability to impress with her mind rather than her looks. In researching for her latest book, Madison begins to find herself increasingly obsessed with the Fountain of Youth. After months of investigating she discovers the fountain's location. While staying at a luxury villa rumored to be near the fountain, Madison finds herself the pawn in a twisted game with two mysterious and seductive men. Little do the three realize the residents of the villa have their own plans as an ancient evil is resurrected and threatens to destroy them all.

Run Time: 82 Minutes

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Horror » Supernatural/Ghosts

Director(s): Joe Hollow

Writer(s): Joe Hollow

Executive Producer(s): Joe Hollow, David Keeter, Dan Dearing, Mark Bonocore, Debra Lamb and Michael J. Schaefer

Producer(s): Joe Hollow, Tim Hays, Chip Joslin (associate), Veronica J. Valentini (associate), Jeff Stenzel (associate), Linnea Quigley (associate)

Main Cast: Robert Z'Dar, Mindy Robinson, Camden Toy, Mark Hanson, Debra Lamb

Other/Supporting Cast: Melanie Robel, Linnea Quigley, Tim Hays