House of Horrors: Gates of Hell

There has always been darkness.

House of Horrors: Gates of Hell is a haunted attraction that hosts an evil that roams free. It has only one goal; Hell on Earth. It manifests into the fears of childhood. Jamie is a psychic set designer; She knows the evil that lurks through the halls of the haunt. People are dropping like flies and she is the only one who has the ability to stop it.

Run Time: 90 Minutes

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Horror » Suspense/Thriller

Director(s): Daniel Monroe

Writer(s): Daniel Monroe, Timothy Bunch

Producer(s): Daniel Monroe

Main Cast: Danielle Tewell, Cody Kremblas, Tim Bunch, Michael Riso, Michael O'Hear

Other/Supporting Cast: Amy Nicoletto, Kyle Garrison, Brenda Rickert, Steve Podosek, Doug Bruch, Jaime Lynn Bingel, Kaitlyn Salamone,Jon Fisher