How to Kill a Zombie

There's a Million Ways to Die...Again

Mack and Jesse are a father-son survivalist team in the making. A sudden outbreak of zombies centers on an office building, trapping the occupants. Mack and Jesse happen upon the scene on their way to their underground bunker. Against Mack's better judgment, they stop to try to help. The situation becomes grim as zombies breach the building and the office workers are picked off. Mack and Jesse lead the remaining group to safety as they plow through the zombie infested garage in the company van.

Run Time: 91 Minutes

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Horror » Zombies

Director(s): Tiffany McLean

Writer(s): Benjamin McLean, Bill McLean, Tiffany McLean, Seth Roberts

Executive Producer(s): Jacob Devlin Moodie

Producer(s): Bill McLean, Tiffany McLean, Seth Roberts, Ronney Clement, Lincoln Millett (associate), Dorothy Wilson (associate), Jared Bussiere (associate), Pauline Bussiere (associate), Everett McNally III (associate), Ward MacDonald (associate).

Main Cast: Bill McLean, Benjamin McLean, Hannah Elaine Perry, Sheri Collins, Donald Libby

Other/Supporting Cast: Nathan White, Christopher Walters, Gary Hauger, Juliana Spier, Joe Swenson, Sampson Sampson, Alendra Harris