Witness humankind's capacity for evil.

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Controversial director Uwe Boll combines documentary footage and interviews with a fictional narrative in an attempt to understand the horrors visited on the victims of the Nazis. Auschwitz explores humankind's capacity for evil and our understanding of one of the bleakest periods of our history.

Run Time: 75 Minutes

Year Produced: 2011

Genre: Drama

Director(s): Uwe Boll

Writer(s): Uwe Boll

Executive Producer(s): Sandra Basso

Producer(s): Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke

Main Cast: Maximilian Gärtner, Friedhelm Gärtner, Uwe Boll

Other/Supporting Cast: Avner Aizendorf, Arved Birnbaum, Nik Goldman, Harold Levy, Steffen Mennekes, Alexis Wawerka