They're not here for the tourism.

At the age of 10, Australian-born Andi Gibson had what she describes as a close encounter with a flying saucer. 17 years later, an airborne extra-terrestrial armada launches a nation-wide assault on Andi’s home country. Bloody hell, this is gonna be a long night.

Run Time: 111 Minutes

Year Released: 2016

Genre: Action/Suspense » Aliens

Director(s): Joe Bauer

Writer(s): Joe Bauer

Executive Producer(s): Rita Artmann

Producer(s): Rita Artmann

Main Cast: Rita Artmann (Andi), Doug Hatch (Elliot), Tamara McLaughlin (Cam), Lawrence Silver (Keith), Paul Adams (Dennis)

Other/Supporting Cast: Kyle McCallion (Stix), Caroline Bell (Kylie), Rob Jenkins (Crowe), Emma Randall (Alien Commander), Joe Bauer (John)