Evil Souls

Good and Evil have the same Soul

Valentine has to fulfill his sadistic destiny. He kidnaps two girls he is intent on unleashing ritualistic torture upon, until a priest, sensing ancient evil, knows he must find a way to stop it. As Valentine is filled with hate, denial and lust, and the journey to a room of terror has just begun...

Run Time: 93 Minutes

Year Released: 2016

Genre: Horror » Occult

Director(s): Maurizio Del Piccolo, Roberto Del Piccolo

Writer(s): Roberto Del Piccolo

Executive Producer(s): Lisa Marrs, Roberto Del Piccolo

Producer(s): Maurizio Del Piccolo, Lisa Marrs, Roberto Del Piccolo

Main Cast: Holli Dillon, Peter Cosgrove, Lisa Marrs, Emanuele Ignomirelli, Julian Boote, Paola Masciadri

Other/Supporting Cast: James Sutton, Federico Rossi, Cristina Del Piccolo, Roberto Di Stano, Luicia Castellano, Catherine Brookes, Thomas Del Piccolo