Red Venom Kills

The sexiest predator in the jungle carrying the deadliest venom

A thrilling sexy superheroine ride into world of pure comic trash. "Red Venom Kills" is a homage film to 70's grindhouse low-budget drive-in movies. The picture is filled with delectable images of wicked beauty, and colorful gritty suspense. Alluring young Scarlet Silk is a slinky young hooker gone

Run Time: 82 Minutes

Year Released: 2017

Genre: Action/Suspense » Action/Suspense

Director(s): Britton Stebbins

Writer(s): Britton Stebbins

Producer(s): Britton Stebbins

Main Cast: Alexa Rae, Deana Hernandez, Britton Stebbins, David Bonandrini

Other/Supporting Cast: Brian Kasgorgis, Melissa O'Brien, Niki Haze