Scavenger Killers (Director's Cut)

Mind-Blowing Psychopaths

A no-holds-barred, wickedly modern spin on the Bonnie and Clyde legend, SCAVENGER KILLERS features a stellar lineup of classic character and veteran genre actors including Eric Roberts ("In Cold Blood", The Dark Knight), Charles Durning (The Sting, North Dallas Forty), Robert Loggia (Scarface, Independence Day), a Tourette's-stricken clairvoyant FBI agent played by Dustin Diamond ("Saved by the Bell"), scream queens and Playboy Bunnies, and more.

Run Time: 102 Minutes

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Horror » Serial Killers

Director(s): Dylan Bank

Writer(s): Kenneth Del Vecchio, Rachael Robbins

Executive Producer(s): Jeff Davis

Producer(s): Kenneth Del Vecchio

Main Cast: Robert Bogue, Rachael Robbins, Eric Roberts, Dustin Diamond, Robert Loggia, Charles Durning

Other/Supporting Cast: Suzi Lorraine, Angela Little, Kenneth Del Vecchio, Kim Allen, Thea Vidale, Michael Rivera, Kirk Ponton