Teenage Ghost Punk

How hard does YOUR ghost rock?

When a high school cheerleader, her genius little brother and divorced mom move to a creaky old house outside Chicago, strange things occur when her family's new home is haunted by the ghost of a punk rocker.

Run Time: 93 Minutes

Year Released: 2017

Genre: Horror » Comedy

Director(s): Mike Cramer

Writer(s): Mike Cramer

Executive Producer(s): M. Arlene Cramer, Martin and Francine llin, Brian Gardner, Anne Larson, Randy Eand Debbie Ruff, Tim Thompson

Producer(s): Dan Finnen and Mike Cramer

Main Cast: Grace Madigan (Amanda Poplwaski), Adria Dawn (Carol Poplwaski), Jack Cramer (Brian Flynn), Noah Kitsos (Adam Poplwaski),Keith Habersberger (Zak)

Other/Supporting Cast: Lynda Shadrake (Medium Madame Lidnar), Miora Brumfield (Jasmine), Jake Shadrake (Squatchie), Darren Stephens (Barry), Courtney Blomquist (Kourtney), Ricky Haschemeyer (Z-Dog), Marc Muszynski (Zeke), Brian Wohl (Billy)