A Fun Little Weekend Bloodbath.

Barely surviving a brutal massacre, that left her friends in pieces, Rachel has moved on with her life. She and her friends decide to into a secluded house for the best spring break of their lives, Rachel's biggest fears become a reality once again.

Run Time: 80 Minutes

Year Released: 2017

Genre: Horror

Director(s): Peter Herro

Writer(s): Peter Herro, Christopher Centanni, Adam Buchalter

Executive Producer(s): Steve Parker, Jody Wheeler

Producer(s): Kyle Zingler

Main Cast: Callie Ott (Rachel), Nicolas James Reilly (Toby), Andrea Hunt (Bonnie), Benjamin Norris (Jacob), Sarah Agor (Lisa),Perez Hilton (Donnie)

Other/Supporting Cast: Johnny James Fiore (Sam), Adam Foster (Bevan), Perez Hilton (Donnie), Shawn C. Phillips (Burt)