Zombie Resurrection

Prey for Salvation

Fifteen months after the zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors are forced to take refuge in an abandoned school, where they encounter a mysterious zombie with the power to bring the undead back to life.

Run Time: 80 Minutes

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Horror » Zombies

Director(s): Andy Phelps, Jake Hawkins

Writer(s): Andy Phelps, Jake Hawkins

Executive Producer(s): Lucilla Money, Duncan Lowick, Stephen Jones, Catherine Hawkins, John Hawkins

Producer(s): Andy Phelps, Jake Hawkins

Main Cast: Eric Colvin, Jim Sweeney, Danny Brown, Simon Burbage, Jade Colucci

Other/Supporting Cast: Joe Rainbow, Rachel Nottingham, Shamiso Mushambi, Georgia Winters, Rupert Phelps